Gmail calendar replaces paper planners

Posted: August 20, 2011 in Academics, Technology

By Kyle Sanor
Staff writer

This year at Cactus Canyon Junior High, the old paper agendas used by students have been replaced.
The regular agendas that used to be given to students are now being replaced by Gmail’s calendar application accessed via computer.
The decision to change was due to the cost of the paper planners.
“The only reason we are using Gmail calender is because it is cheaper. (Gmail) is free,” CCJH vice principal Joyce Gingrich said. “The regular agendas are too expensive to get, so basically we’re going all tech this year.”
The way the calendar works is pretty easy, some students said. When students click on a date on the calendar, they are able to add due dates, homework, and test dates. They are able to create multiple calendars if they want one for each class or for each type of assignment. Each calendar can be color-coded and toggled on or off to help students sort information.
“I think the new agenda is better,” eighth grader Samantha Sobel said. “It’s better because we don’t have to write everything down all the time.”

  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    A student can not lose the electronic version!!

  2. Google apps is free to educational institutions, however there are a number of other reasons to go digital with planners that Kyle mentioned above. Google calendars add the web 2.0 aspect to the students day and they can collaborate and communicate more effectively with other students and their teachers. Teachers can share their calendar with their students if they choose and students can share with each other when working on a project, etc., which increases communication and collaboration.

    -Jon Castelhano
    Director of Technology
    Apache Junction USD

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