CCJH offers students a chance to move ahead in their education

Posted: August 31, 2011 in Academics, Social Studies, Technology

By Bailey Beringer
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon Junior High has given eighth-grade students the opportunity to move ahead in their education. Social studies teacher Sheryl Anderson is teaching one extra class this year – a ninth-grade world history class that is taken almost entirely online.
Only eighth grade CCJH students are offered this extra learning opportunity. The class doesn’t require or put the students under pressure to turn their assignments in on time or take tests before they’re ready, but lets the student move at his or her own pace. By taking this online students can take an extra elective, a higher class, or any other class they prefer to take their freshman year.
“Most of the students that signed up for this class are students that have strong academic work ethics and a history of good grades,” Mrs. Anderson said.
But any student could do well in the class, Mrs. Anderson said.
“I think this would be a good class for a struggling learner if the student has the desire to succeed. Even struggling readers have a good chance of succeeding because the reading selections can be heard with an audio option. The computer is a patient teacher. It just keeps repeating the lesson until you ‘get it.’”
Not all of the students will have an Internet connection at their home, and some may not be able to do their assignments that day due to sports or other needs, making the ELO time a very important part of the class. Students always have the option of doing the class assignments during the extra learning opportunity time.
The only time these students won’t be using a computer for this subject is for extra help and taking the semester tests, which take place at the Apache Junction High school with a freshman history teacher.
“I like this online class because I can do the work at my own pace,” said Chelsie Stangle, a eight-grade student taking this online history class.
Mrs. Anderson said she is excited about the opportunity, but adjusting to her new role as instruction.
“I miss the face to face interaction, but it allows students to move ahead as quickly as they want to,” she said. “Students raise their hands electronically by using e-mail to get their questions answered. As an online teacher, I am more like a coach. The kids are out on the field doing the work, and I advise them when they need me.”

  1. Joseph Smalley says:

    Mrs. Anderson is an awesome teacher, she teaches all of her students so much.

  2. kayla says:

    I think that is a great idea. I also like that it is optional.

  3. Jessica says:

    I think that ELO is good because if I need help on my asinments all I need to do is go in and i can get all the help i need so yes I think that ELO is the best idea ever!!!!!!!:)

  4. Brendan Snowball says:

    I am in that class it is fun, thought provoking, and medium paced- that means you can go at your own speed…

  5. Larry LaPrise says:

    It is great that we are offering an on-line class. Many colleges offer this form of learning. Great prep for college.

  6. Jordan Jones says:

    ELO is awesome, I don’t like going to detention but study hall and tutoring are a good way to catch up on work.

  7. Stephanie Henry says:

    Wow i think that is cool!!! I hope every student is dping that because that is a good way to learn more and more people will get somewhere more. So you teachers expecially mrs anderson is doing awsome and greatful thing for us.

  8. Casey says:

    That online class literally scared me at first!!! I was with a friend and they went on their and I was lost in an instant!! I’ve never been good at that type of thing but Mrs.Anderson is an AMAZING teacher and I’m actually figuring some of this stuff out instead of just memorizing facts like I do in most of my classes.(OOPS)

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