Journalism II class debuts news blog

Posted: September 1, 2011 in Academics, Journalism

By Morgan Christensen
Staff writer

Among the new elective classes offered at Cactus Canyon this year is Journalism II, which is an advanced news writing class. Any student who has completed Journalism I can take this third-hour class.
Students use the skills learned in Journalism I to cover and promote the events and people at CCJH school, but also learn new skills, including photography.
The news is posted on the Cougar News Blog, where other teachers and students can read and comment on the stories. To help develop a community-wide audience, every CCJH parent has been e-mailed a link to the blog, as have the AJ News and Independent newspapers.
The CNB can be found on Twitter, which allows teacher Jason Davis to notify followers when new stories are posted. It’s another way to get the community to read their stories.
Students that want a job that has to do with media especially benefit from the training the journalism program provides.
“It benefits Journalism II students because they get valuable real-life experience,” said Mr. Davis. “I’m not teaching things they will need to know down the road, they are applying what they learn right now and learning as they go.”
It also benefits the other students at CCJH. They can get a chance to be recognized for their accomplishment. They can get their picture “in the paper,” Mr. Davis said. Students enjoy reading about themselves, their friends, and events happening at school.
“I enjoy journalism because I love writing and I get to learn more about becoming a better writer,” said Kelsey Martinez, an eighth-grade student in Journalism II. “I’m gaining more experience and it really helps me pay attention to what’s really going on.”

  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    Totally enjoying the blog.

  2. What a terrific idea! Student journalism is waaaay cool. Nothing makes a stronger impact on the learning process than to be able to put it into practice. Way to go CCJH! Now – how about submitting some of your articles to the local newspapers where the entire community can enjoy them?

    • Both of the local papers follow the blog and several people from the Independent follow our Twitter feed. The Independent ran Thayne Jackson’s story about Parks and Rec providing lunchtime activities for CCJH students in yesterday’s paper. (Page 9, I believe.) The students get very excited and feel an amazing sense of accomplishment when they get published. Thank you for reading our stories. 🙂

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