Content filter issues delay netbook take-home

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Technology

CCJH students will soon have a netbook like this to take home, but not until the school has methods in place to help block inappropriate Web sites. (Photo by Bailey Beringer)

By Bailey Beringer
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon Junior High students were suppose to take home their netbooks on Sept. 1. Due to technical issues students didn’t get to take them home on the designated day.
Although students do get to use them during their classes, the netbooks work on a Linux software with the Lightspeed system. Without the Lightspeed system, there isn’t a firewall to protect the students from going on inappropiate sites. Currently the Lightspeed and Linux systems aren’t compatibly working as one, as they should be.
“Our netbooks run the Linux system. The program filter, Lightspeed and Linux are not able to “talk” to each other,” said principal Larry LaPrise. “I will not allow netbooks to go home until these two programs can work together.”
The AJUSD Technology Department is working closely with the developers of the Lightspeed system during the beta testing phase to hopefully speed up the process. The date was put off because of the remote content filter which was not ready. When it is ready, the filter will direct users to the same Lightspeed firewall that blocks inappropriate Web sites while students are at school. Until it is ready, however, the netbooks will stay in the classrooms.
“The netbooks will be issued to students when the remote content filter is officially released by Lightspeed and is working properly on CCJH netbooks,” said Jon Castelhano, AJUSD director of technology.
Cactus Canyon students are eagerly awaiting the day they can take their computer home to do their work.
“I think the netbooks will be better for us in the future because textbooks are heavy and they hurt me when I carry them around, unlike the netbooks,” said eighth grader Gabriela Muzio.
CCJH has yet to release a date for when students get to take their netbooks home. Mr. LaPrise does not want to give student netbooks until the tech department is 100 percent confident that the Lightspeed and Linux are working together.
“We know that CCJH students are anxious to be issued a netbook to take home so they can more conveniently work on school curriculum while at home,
said Castelhano. “However, the district must follow all laws on Internet protection, provide a working content filter, and educate all students on Internet safety. I appreciate everyone’s patience and look forward to the netbooks going home in the near future.”

  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    Great article. Very reliable source!

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