New, comfy furniture arrives in the library

Posted: September 16, 2011 in Library

Students read and work on one of the new couches in the CCJH library. Mrs. Cameron raised money to pay for the furniture by selling water and pickles. (Photo by Autumn Gresser)

By Morgan Christensen
Staff writer

There is new furniture in the Cactus Canyon Junior High library. That includes new couches, coffee tables, and counters to sit at. Now, students pile into the library.
It was principal Larry LaPrise’s, idea to have the comfortable furniture. He hoped it would be donated last school year, but that ended up not being the case. The school librarian, Mrs. Cameron, raised enough money to buy the furniture by selling water and pickles to students.
“I believe it makes the library a more inviting place to relax and read, work on netbooks, or simply gather with friends,” said Ms. Cameron.
Students also use the library to play board games like checkers and chess, and just hang out with friends. With the furniture in the library, the students get to do those things more comfortably.
“I like the granite tables and tall chairs. It makes a good place to read,” said eight grader Gisselle Estrada. “The black leather couches are very comfortable.”

  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    I enjoy walking into the library and seeing students enjoying themselves.

  2. Joyce Gingrich says:

    The furniture is beautiful! A great addition for CCJH!

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