Teachers train teachers to use technology

Posted: September 19, 2011 in Technology

By Ciara Daniels
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon Junior High is starting off the year with even more technology than it had from last year. While that benefits student learning, it also means teachers need to learn how to use it themselves.
Teachers familiar with one-to-one instruction are training other teachers about what kind of technological programs to use this year in their classrooms. Some are being taught how to use things like Voki and Glogster, while others are learning how to edit their Schoolworld Web site.
The training occurs after school two days a week, usually on Mondays and Thursdays in the 300 building. Some teachers are new to most of the technology, but many experimented with it last year when CCJH began the netbook program.
“The instructor of the training usually has a small lesson to demonstrate the program and then the teachers have a chance to practice what they’ve been taught,” said Bethany Myers, one of the tech trainers.
“They get a chance to apply what they’ve learned. For example, if a teacher is going to learn how to use Voki, they will bring information with them that they can use in the classroom the next day.”
Almost all teachers are teaching different things. One teacher may be teaching Bit Strips (a comic), while another could be teaching Voicethread.
The teachers are chosen by Larry LaPrise, the principal, and other district staff that believed the teachers had good leadership skills and were willing to try to be examples of how to use technology in the classroom.

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