NJHS induction kicks off year of exciting activities

Posted: September 27, 2011 in NJHS, Organizations

By Paige Mace
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon Junior High had its annual National Junior Honor Society Induction on Sept. 14. The induction was only the beginning to a long and exciting year for NJHS students.
The induction ceremony was to celebrate the accomplishments for the students who qualify, and to welcome them to NJHS. It is also a time to share with their family and friends.
“The ceremony begins with our NJHS president calling in the meeting to order and then leading everyone to the Pledge of Allegiance,” said NJHS co-sponsor Carol Dolle. “After that, we have several speakers and then the officers from last year speak about leadership, service, citizenship, character, and scholarship. After the speaking has finished the students names are announced and then the students sign the membership log and pick a candle, when the candles get lit then the new members say the NJHS pledge.”
After the candles are no longer needed, the students blow them out, and the ceremony is ended. In NJHS the students have an opportunity to grow in the five focus areas of NJHS and learn to work together.
“Our fun activities include a social, a day of bowling, night camp at the Phoenix Zoo, a day at the Renaissance Festival, and a trip to Disneyland,” said Carol Dolle. “We will also be involved in the Christmas Angels with Project Help and a coin drive to help buy food for people at Thanksgiving.”
Mrs. Dolle said the students that got picked for NJHS should be honored because they worked really hard in seventh grade to keep their grade average in the 90s for at least one semester during seventh grade.

  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    NJHS is an organization that honors students who have worked hard in their educational career. They deserve this recognition.

  2. Casey says:

    I kept giggling during that!!!I was uber nervous!!!!

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