Murphy excels for baseball Cougars

Posted: September 30, 2011 in Athletics, Baseball

Brendan Murphy takes a swing during batting practice. Murphy is one of the baseball team's outstanding athletes on and off the field. (Photo by Bailey Beringer)

By Bailey Beringer
Staff writer

Eighth grader Brendan Murphy started gaining an interest in sports when he was about 4 years old and has loved baseball ever since.
That love of baseball has pushed him to excel on the field and off while serving as a team leader for the Cougars this season.
“Murphy is one of those kids who is a leader, which is a good quality to have,” Coach Mark Boseck said. “(He) is a hard worker and wants to learn. (He) is always prompt and ready to go.”
Part of what Murphy likes about baseball, Murphy said, is the challenge.
“I have always liked it (baseball) more then any other sport and to me its the hardest, yet funnest out of them all,” said Brendan Murphy.
Brendan’s main role is starting pitcher for the Cougars, but he also plays shortstop, third base, and outfield. During drills, Murphy is always one to step up and help his teammates in need. Murphy strives to be influential and successful on and off the field; he is a hard worker and always applies himself.
“Well since I play for the school, I have to keep my grades up, so that helps me with my schooling,” said Murphy. “I have learned from baseball that no matter what you do, if you mess up, don’t hang your head. Just get right back up and keep trying. You learn from your mistakes and it makes you better at what you do.”
Murphy has been the top pitcher and one of the team’s best hitters this season, but Murphy and his coach both know that baseball is a team game.
“It takes more than one person to have success as a team,” said Boseck. “We are (winning) because we work hard has a team. (We) need to continue the hard work and stay on course and in the end we will have success.”

  1. Mrs. Riggs says:

    Good job Brendan!

  2. Mr. LaPrise says:

    I look forward to seeing him excel at AJHS!

  3. Tayna Loftis says:

    So excited for play-offs this week…our team has really worked hard and it shows every time they take the field. Have a great practice today and good luck on both Tuesday and Thursday!

  4. Joyce Gingrich says:

    I am really proud of Brendan for working so hard. Great article!

  5. brittany pinkerton says:

    Wow thats just amazing,and out standing good job Brenden

  6. Casey says:

    WOW!!! Its nice to know that are teams have awesome athletes!!(i don’t really get to come to the games) D:

  7. Wesley says:

    WOW! Baseball is my favorite sport and its good to know that this school has good baseball players.

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