Kids become bullies for many reasons, in many ways

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Bullying

By Ashley Renowden
Staff writer

Bullying is a major problem for many people and schools, including Cactus Canyon Junior High. Most people don’t understand why kids are bullies.
At Cactus Canyon, like other schools, has students that are getting bullied. It happens even though there is a zero-tolerance policy.
“We have to have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullying,” said Cougar Life teacher Carol Dolle. “But I hate that some kids are still being bullied at school.”
Students often become bullies because they are insecure about themselves and don’t have great social skills. When kids don’t get the communication with others they can jump to the conclusion that they are unliked or misunderstoon, so they try and get back at the people around them.
“I think that the bully really wants to be accepted, but doesn’t have the social skills to build friendships,” said Mrs. Dolle.
Another reason many kids often turn to bullying when they don’t have adults around that set good examples. Often, he or she follows in the footsteps of the closest adult around them. Either good or bad.
Students at CCJH are being bullied, but they are afraid afraid to tell someone because they are afraid “snitching” will make the situation. The issue will remain because the teachers are often unable to intervene immediately unless they see the bully in action.
Bullying usually starts at a young age, so if it gets controlled then it might not be as big of an issue later on.
“We need to help people with their social skills,” said Mrs. Dolle. “I think we need to address this from the beginning of a person’s school career.”
A lot of teachers are unaware of what is going on, online, or at school. Most of the bullying is going on online, where teachers have no control.
“I think there is much more cyber-bullying going on than we know about,” said Mrs. Dolle. “There is a sense of privacy when we use our phones or computers that helps us feel anonymous.”

  1. Joyce Gingrich says:

    Bullying is a terrible issue. As an administrator, I spend a lot of time dealing with the aftermath of bullying. Unfortunately, now bullies can use Facebook, texting, blogs…many new ways. I just wish all people would treat each other with respect…there is no need to pick on someone who is different or whom you don’t care for as a friend. Try putting your sister, brother, mother, little cousin’s face on the face of the person you are going to bully before you do it…would you want someone to bully them?

    • Alena Davis says:

      I agree with you 100%. I am so glad to see that Cactus Canyon students are becoming more aware that bullying isn’t just face to face it is also be via social networks as well as texting. I also wish people were more respectful towards others and I feel that as parents we should set that example. Old fashioned please and thank you along with compassion towards others is where respect starts. Treat others as you wish to be treated. Thanks for your wonderful points Mrs. Gingrich. I am so glad to see the kids are learning more about this terrible issue. 🙂

  2. Assid says:

    The blog’s are great and they are write nice job writing the blogs.

  3. ashlee mcdaniel says:

    I totally agree with Ms.Gingrich!
    its a terrible on going problem.
    and good job Ashley. (:

  4. anonymous says:

    I remember being picked on as a kid…it was terrible! I was always so mad and frustrated because when I walked up to introduce myself people turned away or laughed or sometimes it even led to violence. I became a bully because thought that gave me the respect I deserved, But as it got worse I began to have break-downs. I would zone out in the middle of class and get hit by HUGE waves of depression. I’m not as much as a bully as I used to be, but the only time I’m not self conscious is online. It still hurts today…all the things that happened just because I was bullied. I’ve actually had to go home because during one of my break-downs I could respond. I literally couldn’t bring myself back to reality.

  5. brittany pinkerton says:

    wow i never saw it like that…… and now that i think about it thats why i am a bully becuase i dont have great social skills….. this has really made me think

  6. Someone says:

    I like your blog Ashley I think all of it is true and that we really need to do something about it keep writing.

  7. Tayna Loftis says:

    It is very frustrating to see students purposefully hurt each other online or in person. When I visit with students about bullying situations I always ask them, “Would you say, write, text that if your mother/father were to hear or read it?” If the answer is “No” then don’t do it.
    I would hope that CCJH students would understand that we are all just one big family at CCJH. We may not always like each other or get along but we will not go out of our way to hurt each other. We are better than that 

  8. SteelersFan03 says:

    This is very true, I’ve heard about bullying around school and I’ve noticed the bullies are the people you would least expect. They tend to act different around teachers. Sadly they were once like all of us, just trying to make friends, then someone turned them into what they are now. ):

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