Outside beverages no longer allowed on campus

Posted: October 23, 2011 in Current Events and Issues, Student Health

By Paige Mace
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon Junior High has a new policy that students cannot bring an open container to school. That means students cannot bring outside drinks such as Starbucks and Thirst Busters.
No student has brought inappropriate drinks to school, but it the rule is a safety measure because other students at other schools have done so.
“We are concerned about the size of the containers being brought in, such as 44-ounce Thirst Busters, and the contents in the drink,” said assistant principal Joyce Gingrich.
Drinking a large, sugary beverage in the morning can cause students to miss lessons and instruction because they leave to use the restroom.
“The size of the drinks cause students to have to leave class a lot,” Mrs. Gingrich said. “Often the drinks are very sugary, or have a lot of caffeine in them. In addition, it also makes it more difficult for us to know if there are any inappropriate substances in a container, such as alcoholic beverages.”
There are no punishments to having an open container to school, but teachers will ask students that have one to throw it away.
Students are allowed to drink sodas that were just opened during lunch, but administrators discourage bringing sodas to school. Members of the National Junior Honor Society also operate a breakfast bar where students may purchase water and iced tea.
Mrs. Gingrich said the only priority to the teachers is the students and their safety, so they are trying as hard as they can to keep a safe and clean environment at Cactus Canyon.

  1. Casey says:

    What if you go to the high school for your first hour? I know I’m one of the kids who definitly needs caffeine in the mornings.Any ideas for that situation?

    • Iwillreply2you says:

      If you REALLY need caffeine in the morning drink it BEFORE you come onto school campus, then just throw the container away. If you go to the high school for first hour I don’t think that they really care just TRY to drink it BEFORE you walk onto ANY campus, It is just a way to follow the rules and be respectful!

  2. brittany pinkerton says:

    I see the precautions that are being taken but don’t you guys think thats a little to strict??

  3. Nathaniel says:

    I think that it is smart and stupid if some one wants to drink that then what ever happens is their fault if they have to go to the bathroom but it is smart because no one will miss class.

  4. Kelly says:

    I think we should be able to bring it if we don’t have a big deal and have it out then we should be able to have.

  5. Jackie says:

    I think that bringing drinks like that exceptionally the 44 thirst buster drinks before school is bad. If you really want the drink, finish it before you get to school.

  6. Bryce Redondo says:

    I rarely bring drinks on campus because before I heard this I walked through the gate and a teacher yelled at me to throw away a full glass filled with a smoothie. I asked why and she though and she acted like it were a life and death. I don’t buy drinks here because I can go to diamond shamrock for a cheaper price.

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