New robotics teacher is on campus

Posted: November 6, 2011 in Electives, Robotics

By Kyle Sanor
Staff writer

A new robotics teacher, Troy Brown, is now on campus at Cactus Canyon.
Mr. Hutzel, the old robotics teacher, moved to Iowa. After he left, Mr. Brown, the new teacher, took his place. This is his first year at Cactus Canyon and his 35th year teaching. He has taught at plenty of schools before entering here. They were a mix of high school and junior highs.
“I’ve been teaching at Cactus Canyon for about four weeks,” Mr. Brown said. “This is my 35th year teaching technical subjects. I’ve been a teacher at the Air Force Tech School, Gilbert High, Highland High, and Fremont Junior High.”
His goal is to help students apply their scientific and mathematical principles to build many things. They will be building robots that they can control. He says it also helps them solve a problem before they begin. They will use scientific and math concepts to create physical solutions and understanding of those principals. He is ready to help these students to build their goals.
Students have been enjoying his class and said he is a very helpful teacher. They like that the lessons help them prepare for their future. Students are also preparing for the first robotics competition of the year.
“Right now we are doing research on nanotechnology,” CCJH student Lorenz Mangahas said. “I am planning to go to the competition because I’m planning on taking coding and technical engineering.

  1. Lorenz M says:

    I am slightly melancholy since Mr. Hutzel left but I think the new Robotics teacher is really appealing to the kids in the school. Also we are right now are on the fast track to getting ready for the competition that is coming up on December 3rd. I am glad that I took this class again, and I hope everyone enjoys this class as much as I do!

  2. dustin t says:

    I never got to be in Mr. Hutzel’s but I am looking forward to being in Mr.Brown this year.

  3. Carter says:

    Dear Cougar,
    My name is Carter. I am in third grade and live in Oregon. My teacher’s name is Mrs.Fordyce. Welcome to the blogging challenge. Good luck!

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