Seventh graders visit Catalina Island

Posted: November 8, 2011 in Academics, Science

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By Layla Heninger
Staff writer

On Thursday, Oct. 20, 34 seventh graders left to go to Catalina Island in California at 11 p.m. The students rode a bus all night until they arrived for an adventure that would teach them some science and introduce new friends.
Science teacher Wendy Felts organized the trip and said that many science standards are covered. Students learned about different species of marine life on the island. They also learned about different types of algae – and even ate some. The group went in October this year to avoid the colder weather of previous February trips.
Calysta Harshman said she was happy to get a head start on some of the topics covered later in the year in science class.
“My favorite part of the whole trip was probably dissecting a squid because it was interesting to see how the squid moves itself and how it can do what it wants,” she said.
As part of the trip, students were able to get out of their comfort zone, do things that they normally wouldn’t have, and just be adventurous. They learned how to work together in groups and make new friends.
“We went so the kids could experience new things, make friends, learn to snorkel, and have fun,” said Ms. Felts.

  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    Amazing experience for all.

  2. Ruth Munoz. says:

    Catalina looks like a good place to got o.By looking on the pictures i can tell that the students had a goo time.

  3. Ruth says:

    Catlaina looks like a good place to go to.And by the picture it looks like the kids had a pretty good time.

  4. Conner L. says:

    The pictures are very funny, all the students seem like there having a great time. Amazing experience I wish I would have gone last year. :/

  5. Abby Davis says:

    This was the best trip EVER!!! It was so much fun.. and the best part was I was with my favorite teacher of all time! Mrs. Felts ;D

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