CCJH winners get iPads and iPods

Posted: November 15, 2011 in Fundraisers, PTO

iPad and iPod winners from the PTO's recent fundraiser were announced at the Halloween dance Oct. 27. (Photo submitted to the Cougar News Blog)

By Paige Mace
Staff writer

The Cactus Canyon PTO held its drawing for the winners of iPads and iiPods on Oct. 27 during the Halloween dance. It was the conclusion of the parent group’s “Mister, Can You Spare A Dollar?” fundraiser.
The winners of the iPads were Gabriella Kamoshko and Bailey Klitzke, and the winners of the iPods were Cody Brown and Brian Brown. The contest went on for one month.
Member Jeff Smith came up with the idea for the contest, and the PTO went with it.
Each student that raised $10, put his or her name into a giant bowl. The winners’ names were drawn in front of all who attended the dance.
“(The contest) did impact several students who tried very hard to come up with the money for each entry,” said Paula Koszarek, vice president of communications. “If we’ve made an impact on only a few students at CCJH then, then we’ve done our part.”
Now the winners have a piece of legendary, Steve Jobs history with them. Jobs, who passed away Oct. 5, was the founder of Apple, the company that makes iPads and iPods,
The PTO offered this different type of fundraiser that promotes technology and provides students with a new piece of equipment and supports learning.
“We do these things for the students of CCJH, not for us,” said Koszarek.

  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    I recently started using an iPad. Amazing what you can do with these devices. Reminds me of watching the original Star Trek television series in the 1960/1970s.

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