Cactus Canyon Junior High band marches in Veterans Day parade

Posted: November 22, 2011 in Band, Electives

By Morgan Christensen
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon Junior High band students were excited to participate in the Veterans Day Parade Nov. 11 and were happy to play for the veterans and the families that attended.
The parade took place on Apache Trail. Band teacher Amee Vining said the band did an outstanding job during the parade. They played songs like I’m A Believer by Neil Diamond and their own fight song Cougars Rock!
There were many comments on the band from their audience. Paradegoers shouted positive feedback like, “If there was a competition in this parade, your band would win!”
The marching band marches in the Lost Dutchman’s Day parade and the Veterans Day parade every year. They enjoy being a part of the parades and get excited for them.
“The students are able to experience marching in a parade, which is a valuable experience for any band student,” Ms. Vining said. “It takes a lot of talent and hard work to accomplish the skills needed to march and play at the same time, and our Cougar Marching Band has both talent and good work ethic.”
To prepare for these parades, band students must memorize songs, which takes time. Then they learn how to march, or walk to the beat, on the same foot at the same time, while staying in straight lines. Band students have to learn marching discipline like being called to “attention” and “parade rest” and begin marching with “resume hut.” They have to learn to do that all at once.
Band students have to listen to the drums to know what they’re playing and listen to Ms. Vining to know what to do next.
“It’s complicated and hard work,” Ms. Vining said. “But it’s fun and worth it.”
The students also agree that it is hard work and fun. But, like anyone would be, the band student were nervous for the parade. They believe they did fine and agree with Miss Vining about stepping to the beat.
“It’s cool because you get to support the veterans,” said eighth grade band student Shelby Caplette said.
  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    I have had numerous comments from the public stating they looked great and even sounded better. Of course, they were playing a Neil Diamond song!

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