Drama students to perform tonight

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Drama, Electives

By Kelsey Martinez
Staff writer

At 6 p.m. tonight, the Cactus Canyon Junior High drama students will put on the second performance of their fall play at the Performing Arts Center at Apache Junction’s High School.
Last night, students performed for families, friends, and others who came to see the play. Although the play is technically free to attend, the drama department has asked for a donation of a canned food item for Project Help. The group will also accept cash donations for the drama department.
They actors will perform two plays called “Midsummer’s Feast” and “Perception,” plus three other different scenes known as “Train Station,” “The Forgetful Fairy,” and the “Evil People.” Several of the acts and scenes were put together and will be directed by the students themselves.
Since the performance is several scenes, rather than one long play, the characters vary. This allows more students to have parts.
“Probably the biggest part with the most lines would be the part of the English
translator, Hippolyta, in ‘A Midsummer’s Feast,’” said drama teacher Kristina Harshman, who wrote “The Forgetful Fairy.” “Tuesday night the part (was) played by Victoria Prunty and Wednesday it will be played by Teagan O’Reilly. The part is spoken in kind of a Shakespearean English style, so it is pretty difficult to memorize, and the two young ladies have done a great job.”
In the past several months the actors have done a lot of vocal work, trying to speak more loudly and clearly. They had to do a lot of teamwork and solve some of the natural problems that come along with working with others. Students get to learn from actual experience to project, interact, communicate with an audience when on a live stage.
“They get a chance to be super nervous,” said Mrs. Harshman.
Despite their nerves, Mrs. Harshaman said student have been looking forward to taking the stage.
“I was so excited about the play because we all got to be on stage and show off our hard work,” said eighth grader Jordan Golemon.
Students tried out with monologues they wrote, and wrote Mrs. Harshman a paragraph to explain what goals they had for this project would help them achieve.
The following play will be next semester and the tryouts will be in the spring.
  1. brittany pinkerton says:

    Great article, I was going to be in the performance but my play got cut at the last moment because the lesson behind it.

  2. Ms. Kucenski says:

    Great article! I went to the play, and the students did a great job despite a few minor glitches. I can’t wait to see the spring play!

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