8C team rewarded with ice cream dance party

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Fundraisers, Student Accomplishments, Student Council

By Bailey Beringer
Staff writer

On Thursday, Nov. 10, Cactus Canyon Junior High’s 8C students received an ice cream dance party during their ELO time for bringing in the most items in during Studen Council’s food drive for Project Help.
During the September drive, each team was responsible for bringing in different types of food, such as canned meats, cereals, pastas or sauce and baking goods. The 8C got the ice cream party for bringing in over 100 items.
“The 8C group was the winning team,” said Student Council adviser Jason Davis. “They brought in about 100 containers of condiments like ketchup, mustard, and dressings.”
Student Council was in charge organizing the event, while science teacher Ms. Myers handed out tickets to the students. StuCo gave away about 140 ice cream bars, which cost about $40.
“We spent time making posters to decorate the gym, assigning jobs to StuCo members, and getting tickets ready to give to students,” said Davis. “Ms. Myers was a big help with distributing tickets to kids.”
“It was good,” said Vice President Chasity Thurmond. “People liked the ice cream and people also liked the music.”
During the party, some kids danced, while other sat on the bleachers enjoying their ice cream bars and socialized with their friends.
“We hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed the ice cream,” Mr. Davis said. “I know my favorite kind of ice cream is the free kind.”
  1. Rhyan says:

    It wasn’t fair in my opinion we had to bring in ceral and thats more expensive than other things as Mrs. Felts said

  2. Iaguilar says:

    This event had to big problems in it. 1. It was not fair. 2. The party was too messy for StuCo.

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