CNB team getting carried away with stories

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Parody

Photo by Morgan Christensen

By Ashley Renowden
Staff writer

Every week, Journalism II class comes up with nine new stories to update the Cougar News Blog. But now, with many new story ideas exhausted, they are taking story writing to another level.
When the first-hour bell rang Monday morning, three students were on the scene, fedoras on, and recorders in hand. As teachers check e-mails, J2 students are there to get the story. When the announcements come on, a reporter is in the office to get Mrs. Gingrich’s reaction. In order to get nine stories a week, students are about absolutely everything.
Reporters are required to get a student and a teacher source for each story, and some teachers have been interviewed many times this year. Now it’s gotten even worse.
“They have interviewed me too many times in their stories,” said teacher Lisa Smith. “I’m sick of getting their e-mails for everything. And now I have to answer questions about the color of a netbook case? Silliness.”
Last week, when the Internet went down and teachers had to take attendance on paper, Kyle Sanor and Ciara Daniels were outside of the 700 building, just waiting to get their interviews.
“The computers weren’t working so every teacher had to send up their attendance,” said Principal Larry LaPrise. “I was in an important meeting when I got two e-mails from journalism students about attendance. What’s next, the bell ringing? Nevermind, they already did that.”
Jason Davis, the J2 instructor, likes that his students are going out of their way to write stories.
“The nine of them are doing a great job producing stories,” he said. “They have their netbooks ready and keyboards blazing. It makes me feel good about my life that I taught them how to find a story in everything.”
Fingers typing and eyes reading, the J2 students are always writing stories in and out of class. No matter how important or unimportant, the CNB will continue to be loaded with CCJH news.
Editor’s note: This story is entirely made up. Nothing in it actually happened and no one was actually interviewed. All information, quotes, and, in some cases, people, are completely fake. We hope you enjoyed reading and got a good laugh.
  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    A lot of National Enquirer stories lately from Journalism 2. Very enjoyable.

  2. Billy Strahan says:

    Its a wonderful story and Mrs.Smith needs to understand its part of her job and its fun fo all the students to read!

  3. Maranda says:

    Oh I thought this was real. I was like we could use the extra stories(:

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