Principal at CCJH starts food fight

Posted: December 20, 2011 in Parody

Photo by Morgan Christensen

By Kelsey Martinez
Staff writer

Wednesday afternoon Lawrence LaPrise, principal of Cactus Canyon Junior High started a food fight in the cafeteria during the eighth graders lunch period.
The food fight began after LaPrise found out the cafeteria wasn’t serving teriyaki and rice that day because they only served it on Tuesday. He then took a piece of pepperoni pizza which was being served that day and threw it at a student.
“I was just so disappointed and angry at not having my favorite lunch,” said Mr. LaPrise. “I’d been waiting all week to eat my teriyaki and rice.”
Eighth grader Simon Way was the one to to be hit with the piece of pizza. He threw his sub sandwich at the student he thought threw the pizza. It then led to an avalanche of students throwing their lunch’s at each other.
“I’m just glad I didn’t get detention or anything,” said Way. “I still can’t believe it was our principal who started it to begin with.”
The food fight went for almost 15 minutes, eventually being stopped by assistant principal Joyce Gingrich. The mess was cleaned up afterward by Mr. Laprise and every student who had ate in the cafeteria during lunch on Wednesday.
“How childish of Mr. Laprise to start a food fight,” said Mrs. Gingirch. “Though it sure sounds likes him to throw a piece of pizza at a student just because he hadn’t gotten his favorite lunch.”
Editor’s note: This story is entirely made up. Nothing in it actually happened and no one was actually interviewed. All information, quotes, and, in some cases, people, are completely fake. We hope you enjoyed reading and got a good laugh.
  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    Don’t mess with my teriyaki and rice!!!

  2. Janis says:

    I know that Mr. LaPrise loves the teriyaki and rice, but I don’t think think that he would start a food fight, it would be too messy. I love your story, though, and I think you are a really good writer!

  3. jacob says:

    I thought that was very funny that the principal would start a food fight for a stupid reason but if i were there i would want to be in that food fight.

  4. CactusCanyonJuniorHigh :D says:

    I thought this article I read was fantastic. It was an amazing idea, and I enjoyed it very much.

  5. Kelly says:

    I Like the way you detailed the fight. Also I like the dialog.

  6. Lorenz M says:

    That was pretty brilliant. I could really see Mr. Laprise starting a food fight. Plus he has a boss name. Lawrence is such a boss first name. So if I were Mrs. Gingrich I would totally let it slide by. Overall great article and I think this is the best one out of all the parodies. Great article I would like to see more of these articles done later this year!

  7. Ruth says:

    I really like that Mr.La prise got mad because he did not have his favorite lunch .I could see this happening.

  8. Ana says:

    It would have been funny if it actually happened

  9. Brandi A. says:

    I like Mr. LaPrise’s first name in the story. I also like the last quote that Ms. Gingrich said. If it really happened, I think it would be like Mr. LaPrise to do something like that. I really like your story.

  10. Rylee H. says:

    Great job on this Article. Also on describing all the details. You made it sound as if it really happened.

  11. Savannah R says:

    I really liked that Mr. LaPrise got mad because they weren’t serving his favorite food that day.
    I could totally see that happening.

  12. Alexis says:

    I know that this would never happen and im shocked that he did that!!!

  13. Angelica says:

    The story was very funny and enjoyable.

  14. Amber says:

    Your title is good it caught my attention.(: And I wish I could just throw a pizza at someones face and get away with it!:D

  15. Javier C. says:

    The food fight would end up being messing.

  16. Megan Lay says:

    I love this.It would be hilarious if true.Don’t mess with his Teryiaki.

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