CCJH student serves as Kickoff Kid for Cards

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Student Accomplishments

By Layla Heninger
Staff writer

Seventh grader Abby Davis got to be the Kickoff Kid at the Cardinals game on Dec. 18, at the University of Phoenix Stadium.
Davis had the opportunity to run out to the field during the game and get the tee after the first kickoff. The team has one young person do this every home game.
“I wasn’t scared to run out there and get the tee, but did work (my) nerves a little bit,” said Davis. “The players were huge and the ref had to hold me back so I didn’t get trampled on.”
She also had the opportunity to meet many of the coaches and the players on the field before the game. She didn’t go in, but she got a glance – and a whiff – of the locker room.
“The locker room was really smelly,” said Davis.
It didn’t take her that long to go and grab the tee from the field; it took just a few seconds to run to the middle of the field return it to the coach.
After she grabbed the tee, the team gave her and her family lower-level tickets and snacks to eat when they watched the game. She was also recognized on the video board.
Davis won the opportunity by entering a contest on the Cardinals Web site. She was randomly selected from all the entries.

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