Spirit week begins with red, yellow, and green

Posted: February 6, 2012 in Dances, Spirit, Student Council

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By Christal Canejo
staff writer

This week is spirit week at Cactus Canyon. Students will be able to show enthusiasium for their school by participating in some new days, as well as some familiar favorites.
Student Council is sponsoring the week to go with the Valentine’s dance, which is Wednesday. The group has been encouraging students to participate with posters, announcements, and a video on YouTube.
“We made a video, as we always do, to promote the week,” said Student Council adviser Jason Davis. “It got a lot of people talking and laughing and I hope it means we get a lot of participation in the week.”
The week started out with Love Light, which is a Valentine’s version of Stop Light Day. Students with a date to the dance wore red, while single students wore green. Those who found their situation a little more complicated wore yellow.
Tuesday is Tie Dye Day, where students can wear their funkiest tie dye.
“I like Tie Dye Tuesday because, even though we’ve done it before, it’s something a lot of students dress up for,” said Mr. Davis. “I like to see all the crazy colors on shirts and socks.”
Wednesday is Love Struck. On this romantic day, students are encouraged to wear Valentine’s Day colors like pink, white, and red.
StuCo has also created a new spirit day for CCJH students to participate in. Mr. Davis thinks it will be popular, especially since Thursday is the day of the benchmark writing test.
“We have a new one on Thursday, which is Lazy Day,” said Mr. Davis. ”That is just a day to be comfy and wear sweatpants and sweatshirts. No pajamas though.”
The week will end Thursday for CCJH students since there will be no school on Friday.
  1. Jasmyne Jackson says:

    I think that was a good spirit week.

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