Girls find creative ways to ask boys to Sadie Hawkins dance

Posted: February 8, 2012 in Dances, Student Council

By Ashley Renowden
Staff writer

At a traditional dance, the guy asks the girl and it usually means that they’re dating. This year at Cactus Canyon Junior High, Student Council decided to mix it up a bit. The group made the Valentine’s Dance a Sadie Hawkins dance, where the girls ask the guys.
Since girls are determined to out-cute the guys, they are finding creative ways to ask their crushes to the dance. One of those creative girls would include Mikaela Coppinger and how she asked her now-boyfriend, Alejandro Valenzuela.
Valenzuela was walking back from his sixth hour at the high school, when he saw how Coppinger had set up Post-It notes with arrows leading to individual paper that said one by one, “Will you go to the dance..” and at the end of all of it, she was holding a sign in one hand that said, “with me?” and a teddy bear in the other. Alejandro, of course, said yes.
“When I saw the set-up, I thought ‘this is amazing,’” said Valenzuela. “I was really happy.”
Larry LaPrise, school principal of CCJH, witnessed some of this creativity, and for the most part thinks there’s nothing ab-normal about it.
“I think girls are getting more creative and using the technological tools that are available,” said LaPrise. “I personally do not have a problem, but for some reason it is ‘against’ our society norms.”
Coppinger saw other people doing unique things to ask their dates to the dance, and she wanted to so as well.
“I didn’t just want to ask him because everyone was asking their dates in cute, special ways,” said Coppinger. “So I decided that I wanted to make it special, too.”
Seventh grader Sarah Rose Salvhus made a video and posted it on Facebook for her crush, Kyle Gering. Since she’s a cheerleader, she did four high kicks, spelling “K-Y-L-E will you go to the dance with me?” Gering replied with a yes.
Eighth grader Isabelle Cruz put a letter inside of a balloon asking her boyfriend, Billy Apodaca, if he would go to the dance with her. She made him pop the balloon, which he did with his key, and read the note.
While Coppinger said she likes the Sadie Hawkins format because it’s a change from other dances.
“Guys don’t usually do anything special to ask girls to the regular dances,” she said. “When there’s dances like these, they tend to make people do special things.”
  1. Megan Lay says:

    I witnessed this happen to.It is wonderful we are being encouraged to ask guys to the dance.

  2. Alex says:

    I like the idea of using creative to find friends and new dates. 😉 ;} ;] ;D ;>

  3. Maranda says:

    I think this is a great idea and we should do it this year.

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