StuCo members get pies in face to raise money

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Fundraisers, Student Council

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By Paige Mace
Staff writer

Most people enjoy pie in their mouths, but Student Council took it to the next level Feb. 17 and let students throw “pies” at their faces to help football pay for their new jerseys.
During ELO and lunch, students could buy a plate of whipped cream and, for a dollar, and shove it in the face of the Student Council person of their choice. Not that the pies stayed in the faces.
“The students who bought a pie definitely got their money’s worth,” said StuCo adviser Jason Davis. “They were rubbing it all over their faces and even in their hair. Some StuCo kids wore a shower cap and I think that was a smart choice.”
The StuCo students have been talking about creative ways to raise money and when they started to talk about the pie in the face idea, and it was very popular with the StuCo members.
“We figured it would be pretty popular with CCJH students, too, so we decided to do it,” said Davis. “It went over well, we raised some money, and didn’t make a big mess. If other StuCo members want to get pied, we’ll probably do it again later.”
Davis said the group made about $50 on the event.
The people who participated were Silas Grams, Jase Reynolds, Dominic Richetti, Sami Tovar, Falann Mattison, Melodee Herman, Abby Davis, and Sarah Rose Salvhus.
“I think that about 30 people said they wanted to pie me,” said eighth-grade representative Hermann. “Someone even said that he had $20 and wouldn’t waste a single one.”
  1. Abby says:

    That was awesome! 🙂

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