Football players improved entering final game

Posted: February 29, 2012 in Athletics, Football

By Thayne Jackson
Staff writer

Cactus Canyon football will enter its final game of the season with four wins and two losses and a chance to play in the championship game.
The fourth quarter usually turns out to be the best quarter for the Cougars. They are able to make a winning touchdown or winning blocks against their opposing team. For example, Ricky Chaparro and Tanner Garcia worked together the night Feb. 9 against Desert winds, to help the Cougars win in overtime.
To be a good team it takes hard work and hours of dedication to the sport. The team was a little rough around the edges at the beginning of the season, but have smoothed out with weeks of hard practice.
“There was a great deal to learn so there was some confusion and time needed for players to learn where to line up and what to do,” said offensive coordinator Rich Milligan. “There is nothing right now that anyone does as well as they ever will- lots of room for improvement and that is exactly how it should be at this stage in our players development.”
The players are discovering that hard works really pays off in the long run.
“I think the team is doing very well,” said wide receiver Jack Burson. “We need to be more consistent and rely more on ourselves instead of others. However, I feel that the Cougars will go very far this season and hopefully take home a championship.”
The last game is Thursday Mar. 1 at 6 o’clock at Davis field.

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