Girls soccer team begins season with strong defense

Posted: March 27, 2012 in Athletics, Girls soccer

By Cassandra Cajowski
Staff writer

The Cactus Canyon girls soccer team will begin its season Tuesday, March 27, with a home game against JO Combs.
The girls have been practicing since before spring break, working on their weaknesses and bringing their strongest points to the top.
“Everyone is really talented, and we all have things that we are good at,” said eighth grader Samantha Tovar.
With several practices before the first game, coach Norm Hoefer and his players are ready to begin the season.
“I am excited because it brings the opportunity to show the skills we have,” he said.
Tovar feels those skills be strongest on the defensive side of the ball.
“We definitely have a great defense,” she said.
Of course, the team will have things it will continue to work on as well.
“We need to develop our first touch, (the) first time we touch the ball each time,” said Hoefer.
Even though the players are nervous for the upcoming game, they still don’t let the intimidation stand in their way, and definitely don’t let that get in the way of their concentration or talents.
The soccer team is getting to know each other and starting to become a family, and learning to work together in order to have fun and come to victory.
“I’m mostly excited about being apart of a team,” Tovar said. “To get to know the players, as well as winning.”
  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    I am very proud of our girls. They refocused last week. I can’t wait until our two home games this week.

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