CCJH girls basketball improves over season

Posted: April 13, 2012 in Athletics, Girls basketball

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By Sammi Sobel
Staff writer

The girls basketball team didn’t make the playoffs this year, but that doesn’t mean they didn’t have a successful season. The team finished with a record of 4-7, but improved their fundamentals and skills a great deal over the course of the season.
Coach Dale Richardson said as the girls worked harder, they began to improve and win.
“By the end of the season we were a pretty good team, we ended up winning more than we thought we could due to hard work and commitment,” said Richardson.
Eighth grader Falann Mattison played basketball for two seasons at CCJH and also participated in a basketball camp over the summer. She believes she was able to improve on a lot over the season.
“I feel like I improved my shooting, dribbling, and running the plays better,” Mattison said.
Over the season, basketball skills and fundamentals weren’t the only things the players were able to improve on. Coach Richardson taught the girls lessons in order for them to be confident while playing the game. Mattison learned something from Richardson that she thought out to be helpful to her throughout the season.
“The game isn’t all about winning or losing,” Mattison said. “It’s about how you did individually and as a team.” Mattison said.
Bailey Klitzke, who decided to try out basketball for the first time this year, also said she learned a lot from the season.
“I enjoyed playing basketball this season because Coach Richardson really showed me how to start to play basketball,” Klitzke said. “ I think I became a better basketball player overall.”
  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    This team’s talent grew leaps and bounds. I talked to Coach Richardson weekly and mentioned how proud I was of the girls!

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