Leadership conference helps build stronger council

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Student Council

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By Sam Collins
Staff writer

On April 5, Cactus Canyon Junior High’s Student Council went to Apache Junction High School for a leadership conference. The high school StuCo does this every year to help build the junior high’s Student Council to help the school as a whole.
The high school student council did a lot of activities with the StuCo kids, including teach them a dance that they plan to perform for the rest of the school. The idea of the conference was for the high schoolers to teach the younger students about the life of high school and its ups and downs.
“The idea is to prepare students at Cactus Canyon for high school and show them how to get involved, whether it is through Student Council or otherwise,” said CCJH StuCo adviser Jason Davis. “There were several bonding activities and games, which were a lot of fun.”
Davis was hoping this conference will help build school spirit and get more activities and events. The high school does a spirit activity every Friday. Davis doesn’t believe CCJH will go that far, but it showed him and the students a lot more they can do.
“My hope is that our Student Council will become more like the high school’s. They have a great group and are bonded by the common purpose of creating school spirit at AJHS,” Davis said. “They all want to make their school a better place and they don’t care how they do it. I think we have a great StuCo group at Cactus Canyon, but we don’t always focus on the school as a whole like we should.”
  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    StuCo members are important to any campus. I look forward to watching them grow through their high school careers!

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