With AIMS testing over Cougars aren’t coasting

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Academics

By Kyle Sanor
Staff writer

AIMS is over and done with, but Cactus Canyon minds are still in effect. Although it can be tempting to take it easy after the big tests, it’s not happening at CCJH.
With just a few weeks left on the school calendar, teachers are assigning projects to end the year, and students are trying as hard as they can. Sheryl Anderson, a social studies teacher, has plenty for her students to learn.
“We are hoping to do a very cool timeline project that covers civil rights in America,” said Anderson. “And, of course, our next few weeks will cover America going to war in Korea and Vietnam.”
Anderson said her students have not shown any signs of slowing down in her classroom.
“Most of my students are acting the same way they have always acted. AIMS has not affected student learning one way or the other. It was a measure of what they had already learned. Now we are adding to their knowledge. Watch for our Civil Rights Timeline in the learning malls.”
Students are both eager and excited to do this project. But there is more projects being worked on. One of these is from Mr. Jake Heermans classroom. His hours are reading a book called The Outsiders.
While students are still alert and ready to roll, some students have not recovered from AIMS.
“I’m happy that the AIMS are over,” said eighth grader Christopher Morning.
  1. Mr. LaPrise says:

    We still have a month of school left. Crazy to think we would do nothing but play all day for 4 weeks.

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