AJHS staff visits CCJH to learn technology

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Technology

By Layla Heninger
Staff writer

Apache Junction High School will soon become a technology school like Cactus Canyon Junior High as this year’s eighth graders will take their netbooks to the high school next year. That transition will require training, and CCJH teachers are happy to lend a hand.
The high school principal, Heidi Golemon, has been sending staff members to CCJH to see the learning opportunities for the current seventh- and eighth-grade students. High school teachers need to see how the classroom works with netbooks and not textbooks. They most recently visited April 24-25.
“They are really enjoying the experience,” said Mrs. Golemon.
During the summer break, ninth-grade teachers will be getting trained on how to teach effectively with technology. Next year, ninth-grade students will use their netbooks much like CCJH.
“I really enjoyed sharing what we are doing here with them,” said CCJH principal Larry LaPrise. “Many of the staff members are nervous about the technology, but are up for the challenge.”
Mrs. Goleman said she is looking forward to moving into a new era of education at AJHS.
“I’m excited to use new technology since we are in the 21st century,” said Mrs. Golemon.

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