Thurmond becomes team leader for soccer squad

Posted: May 8, 2012 in Athletics, Girls soccer

By Paige Mace
Staff writer

During the Cactus Canyon girls soccer season, Chasity Thurmond had no choice but to become a team leader. She was the only returning player from last year’s team.
Thurmond was vital for the defense on the team and led the team into stretches during practices and before games. While on the field, Thurmond organized the team.
Thurmond was not the only Lady Cougar to have a strong season. Coach Norman Hoefer said the whole team improved over the season and worked very hard.
“I (enjoyed) a great season with the girls,” said Coach Norman Hoefer. “We have not won as many games as we would like but I think we are learning a lot.”
Hoefer said the team was very good at listening this year, and they were very coachable. Thurmond has been a help in this too, as one of the team’s leaders.
“As a team we need to(ed)develop our team play,” said Hoefer. “We needed to start recognizing the flow of the game, understanding where and when passes and shots will be taken. We (were) still reacting to what happens, not predicting the flow.”

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