Creative Commons impacting projects at CCJH

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Academics, Technology

By Cassandra Cajowski
Staff writer

While Creative Commons is relatively new to Cactus Canyon Junior High, it has become very well-known. Because Creative Commons makes it easy to use intellectual property in the way the creator intended – and give proper credit – teachers have come to prefer its use.
Material licensed under Creative Commons is different than copyrighted property because the owner has already granted permission for another person to use it.
“Creative Commons is a way to make sure people who have created something original get credit for it,” eighth-grade science teacher Bethany Ligon said. “I think it’s a good way to recognize someone else’s efforts that I have chosen for my own work.”
There are several different types of Creative Commons licenses to choose from. The most common is an Attribution license, which means anyone can use the work as long as he or she gives credit to the creator.
Students have started using Creative Commons for images and other materials in their projects, homework, class work, and other activities. Creative Commons doesn’t have the wide selection of pictures that Google has, but there is usually enough for a student to find what he or she needs. And, since there is no worry of copyright infringement, it is perfectly legal.
“I used Creative Commons for my Isaac Newton project,” 8th grader Raul Camacho explains.
Creative Commons isn’t the same as other sites, and may seem a little harder at first.
“Creative Commons has a few more steps than other sites and may seem like a hassle,” Ligon says. “I’m still getting the hang of it.”
As time goes by, students and teachers will begin using Creative Commons more, and getting more used to it.
“I don’t really use Creative Commons a lot yet,” Camacho said. “But I plan on doing it a lot more.”
  1. Nick says:

    I love Creative Commons! It’s really the only way to go for blogging or any other kind of posting you might do on the Web.

    A great resource with a lot of free CC artwork/photographs is – it also hosts some premium content, but from my experience, it seems to have more (free) CC content than I’ve been able to find anywhere else. Nice post! Keep it up!

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