Basketball team to play for title

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Athletics, Boys Basketball

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By Christal Canejo
Staff writer

This season, the Cougars’ boys basketball team has proved that second place isn’t an option. With only one loss so far in the season, the team is getting closer and closer to a championship.
The Cougars will play Desert Wind today at 4 p.m. in the CCJH for the conference title.
One of the reasons for Cactus Canyon’s strong season is its point guard, Luke Lewis. He helped lead the team to their biggest win – in an early-season against Desert Wind – by taking over scoring and setting up his teammates late in the game.
“Without Luke, who knows what the end result would have been,” said Coach Scott Stansberry.
Lewis said that being a point guard is almost like being a quarterback.
“I have to make sure that everyone is in the right place at the right time.”
Another player who has helped to continue the long winning streak is Ricky Chapparo.
As a shooting guard, Chapparo has made a lot of big shots this year and is leading the team in three pointers.
“Ricky has helped us with his toughness,” said Stansberry.
Stansberry says that although Lewis and Chapparo are talented players and have good leadership skills, all of the other players bring a good attitude and unique skills to the team.
In addition to the A team’s championship run, the B squad finished the season undefeated.

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