StuCo holds anti-drug spirit week

Posted: May 11, 2012 in Current Events and Issues, Spirit, Student Council

By Krystal Celis
Staff writer

During the week of April 30-May 4 Student Council held its annual anti-drug spirit week.
On Monday, students wore neckties to show they wanted to “tie up” drugs. On Tuesday, they wore purple to show how they can push out negative peer pressure. Wearing high socks on Wednesday meant students wanted to be a long way from drugs.
On Thursday, students wore blue to show that they “think before they do.” Finally, Friday was a black out day.
Student Council passed out anti-drug stickers on Wednesday and created a video. It also created posters with facts about how drugs affect people and hung them all around campus.
Student Council adviser Jason Davis said the best way to keep students from getting involved with drugs and alcohol is to educate them about the effects.
As students progress through high school, the peer pressure to try drugs and alcohol becomes greater and greater.
“If students always have people telling them it’s OK to smoke pot, but they’re rarely reminded that it’s a bad idea, they’ll be much more likely to try it,” Davis said. “We wanted to present students with with statistics about different types of drugs, and especially show them that drug use among teens is not only on the decline, a vast majority don’t use at all.”
Student Council members were happy to use their influence as leaders to help plan and participate in such an important week.
“If other people see students participate they do too,” said Melodee Hermann. “I think the spirit week was great. I believe that it will help students realize we want to stop drug use.”

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