Year’s final dance is just beachy

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Dances, PTO

By Samantha Collins
Staff writer

On May 17, from 6 to 8 p.m., the PTO is holding an end of the year dance. The theme of the dance will be beach/Hawaiian.
Students at CCJH will be able to participate in hula hoop and limbo contests, wrestle in sumo suits, play free games and get free prizes, take a group photo, or just hang out.
“They’ll be celebrating the end of the year, the beginning of a new adventure and the accomplishments they’ve made,” said Paula Koszarek, PTO vice president of communications. “My famous saying is, ‘Fun is what you bring with you!’ So if you show up, bring your fun with you.”
Not just this one, but all dances involve a lot of planning, purchasing, organizing and volunteers. The PTO members all enjoy pulling these events together for the students, and the students appreciate it.
“Of course it’s worth it,” said PTO President Terri Hensen. “(We) love to organize activities when we can for the kids.”
A way a student would prepare for this dance would be to “go all out” and dress up in a Hawaiian or beach theme, or they might come as they are. This dance is a place where students can just hang out, play games, and plain have fun. They will be celebrating the end of the school year and the hard work and a start to kicking back and having fun.
“The dance is just a way of celebrating accomplishments for the year, blowing off some steam and just to hang out with friends,” Koszarek said. “Kids today don’t have many opportunities to ‘get together’ so what better way to allow just that?”
This dance is a time for Cactus Canyon students, as well as teachers and others who participate, to forget about all of the distractions and just kick back and have fun. Bahama Buck’s will also be selling four different flavors of drinks that students can buy, along with the usual snack bar they have at the dances.
“We’re hoping they dress up funny or quirky for the Hawaiian theme. Anything goes except bikinis,” Hensen said. “Also, practice your hula hoop and do some back bends for the limbo. Oh, and you just might get to see Ms. Aehlert perform some of her fancy dance moves.”
  1. Mrs. Aehlert says:

    Did you see my mad hula-hoop skillz? 🙂
    If anyone took any pictures or video, please email them to me!
    I had so much fun – thanks PTO!

  2. Mr. LaPrise says:

    Did you hear the 2 Neil Diamond songs at the end of the dance?

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