‘Hunger Games’ craze leads to waiting list for book

Posted: May 20, 2012 in Library

By Thayne Jackson
Staff writer

During the year’s final quarter, Cactus Canyon, like the rest of the country, went “Hunger Games” crazy.
The first movie of the hugely popular book trilogy hit movie theaters in March and demand for copies of “The Hunger Games” spiked and created a long waiting list in the school’s library.
“I have 12 copies and there are continually out with people waiting,” said librarian Jennifer Cameron.
For students that read the book before there was even talk about a movie, this is sort of a dream come true.
“I loved the books. I thought the author did a great job writing them, and obviously a lot of other people thought so too,” said eighth grader Rylee Hoffman.
Making a good book into a good movie can be difficult because of the amount of material that needs to be covered in just a couple of hours.
“I have not seen the movie so, I cannot compare,” Cameron said. “I believe, as with all movies, they cannot cover everything that is in the book. Otherwise, the movies would be extremely long.”
Hoffman agreed, but said she still enjoyed the movie.
“Most books that are made into movies aren’t very good,” she said. “In my opinion, I think this movie was really good. The movie ‘The Hunger Games’ was a lot like the book, even though they had to take out parts in the book.”

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