Jamba Juice on sale every Friday

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Fundraisers, Student Council

Photo by Briana Venegas

By Bobby Bauders
Cougar News Blog

Is there a better way to beat the summer heat than with a smoothie? Student Council didn’t think so and has arranged for Jamba Juice to be sold every at Cactus Canyon Friday through October.
The blended treats are on sale outside the cafeteria for $2 each. StuCo will get 20 percent of weekly proceeds.
Many students, such as eighth grader Alexis Scovern, see it as something to anticipate.
“I think that it is a good idea to have it at our school because it gives students something to look forward to on Fridays,” said Scovern.
There are two flavors being offered – Caribbean passion and strawberry whirl. Both flavors sell fairly equally, but caribbean passion does have a slight popularity edge.
Students said they like that the price is low because it makes it more affordable to buy one each week. The $2 price is for an 8 oz. drink.
“I feel that the price is very reasonable for what the product is,” said eighth grader Sarah Ferraro.
During past visits to CCJH, Jamba Juice brought larger smoothies that cost $3, StuCo adviser Jason Davis said he wanted to keep the price lower to allow more people buy one.
“The only way the price will change is if Jamba Juice changed them,” said Davis. “So many fundraisers cost people so much money, but we like that this one is pretty cheap.”
Jamba Juice will continue every Friday through October and then Davis will evaluate sales and perhaps cut back during the cooler winter months.
So far, Student Council has been earning around $75 a week from the fundraiser.
  1. Ashley Renowden says:

    Very nice story.!!! Mr. Davis, looks like you’re teaching the new bees well. (: Awesome job Bobby.

  2. Aimee says:

    Enjoyed the story Bobby! Can’t wait to read more of your articles. Aimee 🙂

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