Junior high creates charge cards

Posted: September 4, 2012 in Current Events and Issues, Student Council, Technology

By Sam Collins
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Junior High has started selling charge cards for $1 to try to reduce the need for students charging their netbooks during class.
Jason Davis, the CCJH Student Council adviser, hopes the charge cards will encourage the students to charge at home even though they have the privilege. Students were not required to use the charge cards until Monday, Aug. 27, but several students purchased one early.
Carol Dolle, Cougar Life teacher, hopes that the charge cards will teach the students to remember to charge their netbooks because they have to pay to charge at school.
“I would have to decide what to do based on the habits of my students,” Dolle said. “Everyone forgets things once in awhile, but if they come to class every day without their netbooks charged and ready I probably wouldn’t give them a break.”
Student Council spent $45 on the cards and have almost earned all of it back. If the charge cards don’t work, Davis says that the school would stop using them. Most teachers would agree with both Dolle and Davis that having the netbooks at CCJH is a huge opportunity, but not having them prepared for class has become a problem.
“I don’t know if the students will enjoy them – it does cost them money – but I do hope they appreciate that every teacher has the same policy and the expectations for charging are very clear,” Davis said.
Eighth grader Brittany Wilson has not had to use the charge cards but she thinks they are good to have if she would need it.
“I would tell my friends that the charge cards work great,” Wilson said.

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