Students participate in spirit week

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Dances, Spirit, Student Council

CCJH students chose between Converse and Vans shoes on Tuesday of spirit week. (Photo by Catherine Roberts)

By Kevin Garcia
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon had its first spirit week of the year Aug. 27-31. Student Council members plan spirit weeks to encourage students to participate in more in school.
The themes for the days were Jocks vs. Nerds where people dressed up as sports players or stereotypical nerds. Wednesday was Vans vs. Cons, where chose their favorite shoes or clothing brand. Thursday was Black and White day, which was also the theme of the dance that evening. Friday was the Battle of the Genders where boys wore blue and girls wore pink.
The ideas for the spirit week and dance thought up during summer break when the StuCo gathered for the schedule distribution days. Since the week was planned so early, StuCo members were anxious for it to begin.
“I believe (the first) spirit week is the best because all of the new students get to join in,” said Representative Nicholas Kelley.
Adviser Jason Davis said participation in spirit week was very high and that about 400 students attended the dance.
“We have a great council that spent a lot of time planning this dance and all the work we put in ahead of time is really paid off,” Davis said. “We thought the black and white theme was pretty classy and that our decorations made the gym and cafeteria look fancier than maybe folks are used to.”
The next spirit week will be in October during the week of the Halloween dance.

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