Winning season expected by softball coach, players

Posted: September 12, 2012 in Athletics, Softball

(Photo by Sarah Rose Salvhus)

By Megan Lay
Cougar News Blog

The Cougar softball team did not have its best year in 2011, but was ready to be much improved as it began the 2012 season. After going winless last year, Cactus Canyon won its first two games this season.
Coach Bill Wilson said he wants to make sure CCJH has a good team every year, so 18 of the 27 girls who tried out made the team.
“Normally we would only keep 14, but we kept a few more to help train for next year,” Wilson said.
To prepare for the season, the team concentrated on all areas of the sport but really focused on hitting. Players think that hard work will pay off throughout the season.
“We have prepared so much over the past few weeks,” said eighth grader Breanna Conklin. “I truly think this is our year.”
The Cougars surprised some people with 22-0 and 13-2 wins to open the season, but players expected to be good all along.
“We actually have a very good team this year,” Wilson said.
Conklin added, “I believe that all those people who said we would be bad, well, we are all going to prove you wrong.”
The game scheduled for Sept. 11 was rained out, but the Cougars will play their third game Thursday, Sept. 13, at Maricopa Wells.

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