CCJH begins food drive for Project Help

Posted: September 17, 2012 in Student Council

By Kevin Garcia
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Junior High is having a food drive during September 17-21 to help others in the need of necessities.
The food drive is being run by Student Council to help Project Help, which helps families with students in AJUSD schools that are in need of clothing, food, and supplies.
“It’s a wonderful organization and it is the only one like it in the United States,” Student Council adviser Jason Davis said.
Because Project Help gets so many donations of canned vegetables, Student Council has organized the drive around getting other foods people need. Students are being asked to contribute cereal, soup, pasta and sauce, condiments, canned chicken and tuna, and peanut butter and jelly.
The grade-level team with the most points will earn a pizza party. The way to earn points is to make a donation. Each item is worth a set amount of points based on its cost. Teams will lose points, though, for expired donations.
Cactus Canyon has been doing food drives for Project Help for three years, but they were tradition at Thunder Mountain and Desert Shows for many years before CCJH. The previous food drives were very successful.
CCJH has the drive early in the year because Project help Likes to stock up before Thanksgiving, which is the time where most of the food is going to be needed.
StuCo members think the drive is a great way for students to show that they can help other that are in are right now in need.
“The students should be (donating what they can),” said eighth-grade representative Calysta Harshman. “I will definitely contribute to it.”
“It’s the students who have the opportunity to make the big difference,” Mr. Davis said.
  1. Ashley Renowden says:

    This is a really good story, with a lot of great information. But a piece advice from a veteran cougarnewsblogger: Just try and make your ‘grafs flow a little easier. But I really like your sentence fluency and got some good quotes. As a whole, this story is really good. (: Good job.

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