Weekly prizes awarded for top AR scores

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Academics, Language arts, Library

The lottery board in the library shows the names of students earning 100 percen on an AR quiz. When it’s full, one student is selected to receive a gift card. (Photo by Bobby Bauders)

By Bobby Bauders
Cougar News Blog

The return of the Accelerated Reader program this year has also meant the return of prizes in the library. Librarian Jennifer Cameron will hold a weekly drawing for prizes as a reward for good AR test scores.
The program will be in effect for the school year. If a student gets a 90 percent, his or her name is entered in the weekly drawing. Mrs. Cameron had the same program two years ago, but not last year because Cactus Canyon did not have AR.
“This will encourage students to do their best,” said Mrs. Cameron.
Mrs. Cameron has also set up a lottery board for anyone who gets a perfect AR score. The lottery board is like a grid. When is full, Mrs. Castelhano chooses a letter, and a number. The winner is the person in the corresponding square and receives a gift card.
“People are going to want to read more because they are going to want the prize,” said lottery board winner Megan Lay.
Most of the winners are people who read often. Weekly drawing winner Brayden Cobb spends a lot of his free time reading.
“Kids are all about games and stuff,” he said. “I just like to read.”
Teachers hope the contest will boost scores and make students stronger readers.
“The AR program makes the students stronger readers, especially if they’re challenging themselves,” said Mrs. Cameron.
  1. Ashley Renowden says:

    I can’t believe AR is back. I remember last year when I wrote a story about it being discontinued. You did a really good job on this story.

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