Spanish students learn about different cultures

Posted: September 30, 2012 in Academics, Electives, Languages

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By Megan Lay
Cougar News Blog

One of the many electives Cactus Canyon has is Spanish.
There is the Spanish A1, which is the beginning class and there is Spanish B1, which is the more advanced class. Both are taught by William Hulsey, who also teaches the exploratory language class.
There are over 123 students in both Spanish classes, which are available to both seventh and eighth graders.
Students take the classes to learn how to speak basic Spanish and earn high school credit, but also get to learn a little about the cultures of countries that speak the language.
Each chapter in the e-textbook focuses the culture of a country where Spanish is spoken.
Hulsey said, “This class focuses on several Spanish-speaking countries.”
Mr. Hulsey teaches about about countries like Puerto Rico, Honduras, Mexico, El Salvador, and Venezuela.
“I am taking this class so I can learn about my culture and my language,” said seventh grader Ashley Altherr. “By learning this I will be able to teach my younger brother and I will be able to talk to my uncle, who only speaks Spanish.”

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