First-quarter science project creates real-world scenario

Posted: October 3, 2012 in Academics, Science

By Kylie Grubb
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon science teacher Regan Roach came up with a project that took place in August and September. It involved a fake car vs. bicycle crash in the school parking lot, which was set up by members of the Apache Junction Police Department.
The school science teachers, over the summer, collaborated to find ways make learning more fun and enjoyable during the new school year. Mrs. Roach came up with a project that involved science, language arts, drama, yearbook, and journalism. Only the eighth grade students were involved in this event.
Most of this project focused on physics and the measuring of speed and distance. For journalism, students learned how to interview witnesses and gather the proper information to write a story for the public. For language arts, students learned how to write a detailed story out of a scene such as this. For drama, students learned how to act out and set up such a scene for a play. And for yearbook, the students learned how to take proper pictures for these kind of scenes.
“This kind of thing is way better than sitting in a classroom with a babbling teacher,” said eighth grader Brayden Cobb. “We should do it more often. It get(s) a student’s attention.”
“We wanted to make a real-life unit students will never forget,” said Mrs. Roach.
A car vs. bicycle accident was chosen because some students travel to school by bike. The staff wanted students to be more aware and try to be safer while on their way to campus. Since many students learn best in real-world situations, Mrs. Roach created this project so students can have fun and learn at the same time. She hopes it the start of students changing their minds about science.
“A textbook can’t set up a real-life scenario,” said Mrs. Roach. “This was way more interesting than just words and pictures for the eighth-grade students.”

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