Six seventh graders join StuCo

Posted: November 13, 2012 in Student Council

By Bobby Bauders
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Junior High Student Council has added six new members to its group of 12. With seventh graders Ryle Loftis, Diana Elliott, Janelle Digos, Mattie McMinn, Jade Purper, and Arlenee Rodriguez, the council now has 18 members.
The new members began their term when they returned from fall break and all jumped to prepare for the Halloween dance with the eighth graders.
“I liked working on posters and creating the setting for the dance,” McMinn said.
Seventh graders are allowed to join because they deserve to have a voice in activities. They will now help with future dances, spirit weeks, pep rallies, and other events StuCo organizes.
“StuCo is great. I absolutely love it. It gives me better things to do in life,” said Digos.
StuCo advisor Jason Davis and other StuCo members helped interview the seventh graders. All the interviews took close to two weeks.
“One of the biggest reasons they were chosen is that they all talked about Cactus Canyon first,” Davis said. “We chose a great group. These gals have a lot going for them.”
Davis also said that he hopes the folks that didn’t make it try again in the spring because StuCo takes twice as many people then.

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