C4C members share stories during emotional event

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Communities for Change, Organizations

By Bobby Bauders
Cougar News Blog

Communities for Change hosted an event called Your Story Matters to help bullied students to know that they’re not alone. The event took place at Apache Junction High School on Sept. 27.
A PowerPoint presentation was used to display pictures, quotes, music, and talking points. Organizer Jessica Kucenski and C4C president Kelsey Martinez helped set up the event.
“During the presentation, we had several students who were willing to share their own stories,” said Kucenski. “It was amazing because I could see how much the audience could relate.”
Kucenski hopes that this will encourage more people to speak up. C4C wanted people to attend because their entire goal is to raise awareness to stop bullying.
“I’ve been bullied, I have a bully,” said eighth grader Sarah Ferraro. “I started to cry because I know I am stronger than these bullies.”
Students said the entire presentation was very emotional and many people were crying. Most of C4C was there, including freshman Dominique Klatt.
“It was a hopeful meeting that brought us closer together by letting us know that we’re not alone,” Klatt said. “I loved hearing everyone else’s stories.”
This is the only time C4C plans to do this, but the club plans on doing similar events.
“This was a one-time deal,” Kucenski said. “We might consider doing something similar again in the future if we feel it will have some sort of benefit to others.”

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