Military wall promotes patriotism

Posted: November 14, 2012 in Art

Photo by Kevin Garcia

By Kevin Garcia
Cougar News Blog

Art teacher Gail McFarland has a spirited decoration in her room this year. As a way to visually emphasize patriotism and support for American troops, she set up a wall of photos to honor those who serve.
Mrs. McFarland will hang photos of servicemen and women related to CCJH students and staff. The wall has 17 photos and are all of them are from teachers. A few are from Ms. Wendy Felts and one is from Mrs. Candace Wyatt when she was in training as a PFC (private first class).
Mrs. McFarland hopes the project shows the close connection the military has to the school.
“I wanted students to understand the importance of patriotism,” she said. “If teachers set an example when it comes to patriotism, students will develop a strong sense of pride when it comes to their country.”
Anyone who wants to send a photo of relatives in the military should send it to Mrs. McFarland via e-mail with the name and relation of the relative and his or her rank and military branch.

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