Cougar musicians perform at State Fair

Posted: November 16, 2012 in Band, Choir

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By Sam Collins
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon band and choir students went to the Arizona State Fair Oct. 26. Both classes performed in front of hundreds of fair attendees.
Once they were done, all of the students were able to ride roller coasters and enjoy the rest of the fair.
Aimee Vining, band teacher, and Ginger Rumzis, choir teacher, believe that every student represented CCJH and AJUSD perfectly and said they are extremely proud.
“They played on the community stage and did very well,” Vining said. “They also had fantastic behavior while having fun at the fair, and it was a very fun trip.”
Eighth grade choir member Brooke Coble said the day was a perfect mix of two of her favorite things because she “lives” for music and singing, but also loves the fair.
“I didn’t go last year but I’m glad I did this year,” Coble said. “And I definitely would like to go next year, we all had a blast.”
Only musicians with passing grades were able to attend the trip, which gave Vining and Rumzis the opportunity to get to know their students better and appreciate all the time and effort they put into their performance.
“The students were able to have a fun day and go on rides, play games, and eat state fair food after we performed,” Rumzis said. “It was a good way for them to interact with one another and also for me to interact with them.”
The students said they were happy to have the opportunity to play at such an awesome place.
“It felt pretty cool,” said eighth grade jazz band member Carsyn Ainsworth. “Not many kids I know can say, ‘Hey, my jazz band performed at State Fair!’”

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