NJHS members elect four officers

Posted: November 21, 2012 in NJHS, Organizations

By Bobby Bauders
Cougar News Blog

National Junior Honor Society recently elected its new officers. Anne Anderson was named president, Lilian Benedict will be vice president, the treasurer is Beatriz DeSantiago, and Bobby Bauders will serve as director.
Both Benedict and Bauders won unanimously because they were the only ones running. Voting took place on Oct. 14 and the candidates are excited to begin their new jobs.
“I think I fit the position because I’m a good leader,” Anderson said.
“I think they made the right choice choosing me as treasurer,” DeSantiago said.
The new officers will serve until the end of the year and are required to participate in each NJHS fundraiser.
Before the voting, candidates stood upfront to give their speeches. Every year, NJHS elects its new officers. The director is the busiest job, doing paperwork and organizing.
“The members listened to the speeches, and then voted for the candidate they thought was best,” said NJHS adviser Carol Dolle. “It’s the democratic way.”
The officers will make some of the final decisions and guide the group to success in various projects. At the next year’s induction ceremony, the officers will have speeches.

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