J1 uses news skills to create a newspaper

Posted: December 13, 2012 in Academics, Journalism


By Bobby Bauders
Cougar News Blog

Journalism I students have spent much of the second quarter working on a project involving the program Scribus, and making their very own newspaper.
J1 students write a few stories, and put them into a virtual newspaper. J1 teacher Jason Davis, is teaching skills that he hopes will help students in any career that requires writing, whether is is in the media field or not. Scribus is a design program, similar to programs used by professional newspapers and Web sites that Davis uses to teach the basics of page layout and design.
“Students are applying the news writing skills they’ve learned all semester,” Davis said.
This project is a big part of the students’ grades because of they spend over half the quarter working on it. There are deadlines that are set for each story to turn in. Students also work on their own on this project.
“I break the project down in smaller parts and award points for meeting deadlines as we go on,” Davis said, “so even if a student struggles a little with the project as a whole, there are ways to make sure they still get a good grade.”
Both semesters of J1 classes do this project. Many students are using imagination and basic writing skills. Some J1 students, such as eighth grader Carsyn Ainsworth, are excited for the outcome of it.
“I think the ending product will be rad,” Ainsworth said.

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