Science students make paper animals

Posted: January 6, 2013 in Academics, Science


By Victoria Montiel
Cougar News Blog

In Candice Wyatt’s science class, students recently made paper animals for a project.
Students got to choose the animal they wanted to do the report on and look up the animals behavior, survival, where it lives and how, what it eats and what eats the animal, parenting, defense, and more.
“I want the students to learn about the students ecology concepts; animal interactions,” Wyatt said.
The seventh graders are going to present their animal models, along with a slideshow of the animals.
“The students are going to be presenting their animal models along with a slideshow to the rest of the class,” she explained.
Mrs. Wyatt said a lot of students did an amazing job and showed a lot of effort and pride in their work.
“One student created a 3-foot albino alligator; it’s amazing,” she said.
Wyatt sees a lot of animals, but she loves it when students report on something out of the ordinary.
“I love when a student researches an animal I’ve never heard of,” she said. “I love learning new things.”

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