Band goes to art festival to ‘jazz it up’

Posted: January 24, 2013 in Band

By Sam Collins, Allison Snowball, and Kaitlyn Shafer
Cougar News Blog

Cactus Canyon Junior High’s Jazz band will be performing at the Gold Canyon Art Council (GCAC)’s upcoming festival. The newly created group enjoys the idea of getting to play for new people instead of just at the school.
Taking place January 26 in front of the methodist church in Gold Canyon, the band will be playing during only part of the festival. The group had exactly two weeks to prepare, including learn a new song to play for the GCAC.
“It was fun having to learn a song,” drum player and eighth grader Matthew Mayes said.
The AJ High School jazz band was scheduled to play for the GCAC, but had other plans. The CCJH band was glad and thrilled to take their place. The group starts their performance at 9 a.m. and will play for 30 minutes.
“It will be a fun experience for all of us,” said eighth grade baritone player Kaci Beyer.
What impacted the band the most is the fact that they had two weeks to prepare for this, and it was so unexpected and sudden. They learned a new song, Star Spangled Banner, in a couple of days and used the rest of the time to practice.
“The kids learned the Star Spangled Banner really fast, because they are that good,” said director Aimee Vining.
Vining believes that the students will have a great time playing for new people. It’s also a perfect time to get some practice in for the band. Since it’s a new establishment to the school, it shows that they are all hard workers for something so sudden. They represent CCJH in more ways than one.
“I just hope they will have fun performing for the community, and that they will receive good feedback from the audience,” Vining said.

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